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    When I put my computer into sleep mode, or when it goes into sleep mode after an idle period, it is awakened almost every 20 minutes by an unknown source. It runs for about 5 minutes then it goes back to sleep. Both the Ethernet connection and modem are set to wake the computer, but they are not the source.
    I’ve tried disabling non-Microsoft services and doing a clean boot; it did not work. In desperation, I reloaded Win 7 clean and installed no other software. The PC was connected to the internet and modem only. When left alone and in sleep mode for 3 hours, the computer was awakened just about every 20 minutes. This behavior continues. The event log always states “Wake Source: Unknown”. Any help or advice is welcomed.

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    Sleepmode troubleshooters may provide information on what device is keeping your os from sleeping soundly:
    powercfg -ENERGY
    (Evaluation of energy efficiency and errors)
    powercfg lastwake
    (what had Waken Up Windows Last)
    powercfg -a
    (Checks available sleep states for your computer)
    powercfg -devicequery wake_armed
    (List devices that can wake up your computer)
    powercfg -devicedisablewake "exact name of device"
    powercfg -deviceenablewake "exact name of device"
    (disable and re-enable listed device: Respectively)

    Copy and past the above in an elevated command prompt.

    The above info has been provided by the Vista Forums

    Another decent site
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    I have the same problem, waking from sleep continuously . Your tip about the 'powercfg' command tells me that it is the 'Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller' This is connected to a Bell wireless modem and from there via wireless to a Win 7 laptop. I DO want the main machine out of sleep when the laptop comes on and tries to access shared files. This unexpected wake up happens even whth the laptop shut down, so it is not attempting to link the the wireless modem. If I remove the LAN controller from the list of wake-up devices, then I have tp power on the main machine each time I use the laptop. Suggestions appreciated
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