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    In the past few days, my outlook 2003 has started catching lots of items during the spell check that it didn't before or that it shouldn't.

    As a case in point, I just created an email in which I used the abbreviation "i.e.", which of course is short for the Latin phrase "id est" which is equivalent to "that is" in English. So when I clicked on Send Outlook spell checked my email and it stopped on the "i" portion of "i.e.". I find this very odd for several reasons -

    1) I use "i.e." frequently and I don't recall spell check stopping on it before.
    2) Why stop on just the "i" and not on the entire abbreviation "i.e."?
    3) So I could add the "i" and the "e" to my custom dictionary which would eliminate Outlook catching it during spell check, but it seems that spell checker ought to know about a very commonly used english abbreviation. I am genuinely puzzled by this. And while "i" by itself is a valid word, "e" isn't and if I add it to my dictionary it would allow a lone "e" when it occured.

    So I searched in outlook Options, looking for some switch or setting that tells spell checker to accept commonly used abbreviations. But I was unable to find any such setting.

    Any one know of such a setting or any other thoughts on this?

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    Did you change editor from Word to Outlook's built in editor? Trying to recall, I think Word's spell check handles the abbreviations, where the MS common spelling tools do not. You may have to add some of these to your custom.dic file.
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