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    The popular free antivirus solution has been updated. See AVG free for more information and download link. Be careful about which download link you use otherwise you may end up with a paid version.


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    Thank you Joe!

    I did post something about that on another thread, just this morning.

    If you download the free version and you have a Pro Lic key, you can enter the key during the install and the program will shift to the Full Paid Version.
    I tried that last night and was pleasingly surprised to find that it worked.
    I could tell it was the Pro version, because it has the Rootkit Scanner, which is NOT available in the FREE version, at least up till now.

    I found the above web page very helpful. It's not been quite so easy in previous versions of AVG to find the FREE version.

    Thanks again for this thread.
    The Doctor

    PS: If the little nag box that drops down under the AVG screen bothers you, there is a batch file that will remove that permanently. This must be done when the AVG Control Panel screen is CLOSED.

    @Echo off
    Rem These three lines work for any 32 bit OS.
    del "C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG10\avgmwdef_us.mht"
    del "C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG10\avgresf.dll"
    del "C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG10\avgfree_us.mht"

    Or, if a person does not want to create the batch file, the three lines that remove files, can be run in a CMD window.
    The batch file is helpful if you're going to use it on more than one PC.

    The above batch file works great for AVG 9.0 if you just change the \AVG10\ to \AVG9\
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