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    Move this if necessary; I sort of just randomly pinned the tail on this donkey, since there's no WOPR section now.

    We use mostly Office 2003 here (home/tiny_biz).

    I just "bought" (stole is more like it) a seemingly new copy of Woody and Ed's Using Office '03 Que tome. I should have done this sooner. It is absolutely terrific! It's a perfect blend of slightly acid comment, complete coverage, behind the hand shhhhh-tips, all with virtually no fluff. It never talks down to the user in the "fifteen steps to tie your shoelaces" style I hate. I learn from it every time I open it. What a shame books like this are out of fashion now (perhaps even local apps like O12-13).

    Now comes the embarrassment part. Probably deliberately, the CD in the back is smashed in three places. There's no remainder swipe on the top edge, so trashing the CD may not have been deliberate, but at the price I paid I'm not going to complain. In any case I thought I'd ask what was on it. I haven't looked at WOPR since the Word 2/6 days, when it really filled gaps in what Word could do. I bought a couple for clients, but I was using other WPs at the time, and....

    So I guess my questions are:

    o How long had WOPR been out of active development when Word 03 came out?

    o Was most of it still useful?

    o Is it still compiled and encrypted?

    o If so, and I can't learn from the macros, is there anything else interesting on the CD beside sample programs?

    Again, what a great book, and sorry this paen is ten years late (g).

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