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    I've just installed Windows 7 x64 on a new computer along with Office 2010 (32 bit mode). For the most part everyting working as expected. Still tracking down why my auto key macros won't run with the assigned keystrokes, but expect to track down a solution/reason. The big problem I have is the "Aero Themes" effect on title bars in forms. I've tended to put not only the form functional title but other bits of information in the title as well. With Aero, the title bars are virtually unreadable with their transparent glass effect. Preliminary investigation seems to indicate there is no way to turn this off. In XP the boldness of the title bar helped the user quickly figure out which of several open windows had the focus. Looks like this visual clue is lost.


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    Unfortunately I don't know of any way to turn that off for an individual application such as Access. For that reason, we've gone to designs which either don't leave multiple forms open or if they do, we make the form with focus modal. It does create some complications if people are navigating from form to form with mouse clicks however. If you find a way to turn it off in Access 2010, please let us know, and thanks for posting this issue.

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