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    Submitting forms w/o carriage return (2000)

    Is there a way to avoid having the carriage return terminate a forms entry, that is, to make the Submit button the only way to close and submit the form? I've noticed that a fair number of my visitors will terminate the form (unintentionally) early by using the carriage return to advance to the next field, rather than the tab key or a mouse click. I've thought of putting a user note at the top of my form page to explain the use of the tab key, but wanted to see if I have other options. TIA!

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    Re: Submitting forms w/o carriage return (2000)

    Is it possible to use verification on all the entry fields so that an unintentional 'Submit' would take you to a Error page - this could even have an auto return ("history.go(-1)") to take the user back.
    This of course would not work if it were acceptable that an entry field could be legitimately blank.

    Otherwise, a drop down box:

    - Choose next action -
    Submit form
    Clear form

    With submission only being made when that option is selected.

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