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    Word 97 Crashes (Office 97 SR2)

    When I create a form in Word 97 (Ofc 97 SR-2) and try to format an inserted field (alpha or dropdown, it doesn't matter) Word crashes with an illegal operation error. This happens despite a fresh boot with everything shutdown except Explorer and systray.

    I re-installed Ofc 97 with no change. Is this a known bug? If so, how do I get around it? If not, any suggestions?

    Thanx, CJon

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    Re: Word 97 Crashes (Office 97 SR2)

    Hi CJon,

    If you are referring to crashing when you attempt to view the form field properties, this error is caused by having multiple VBA modules that contain two subroutines with identical names.
    For example:

    Sub AutoNew()
    End Sub

    Sub AutoNew()
    End Sub

    You would need to change the name for one of them or obtain the <A target="_blank" HREF=> Post Service Release</A> for Word. This error was finally fixed in this patch (along with ~50 additional bugs <img src=/S/grin.gif border=0 alt=grin width=15 height=15> )
    Cheers! <img src=/S/flags/USA.gif border=0 alt=USA width=30 height=18>

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