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    Dear Loungers,

    My db supports a process that has a series of simple steps, each step basically loads a new form that the user completes and then moves to the next step (& a new form). On the final step, in some circumstances, not only must form1 be loaded but if a a particular situation exists so must form2, this second form must be completed before returning to form1. What I want to acheive visually is that form1 shows and is a background to form2 which is popup and modal and will overlay form1 until it is completed.

    I have tried to acheive this without code - my normal starting point. So in the step preceeding this last one in the process the user presses the "Next step" button and this runs a macro that opens form1 and then form2 (and does a few other things including closing the previous form). What happens is that I get Form2 but not Form1 and if I use my "Close button" Form1 is then shown with Form2 on top, what is odd is that this "Close button" should save any changes record and close Form2 but, in this case it doesn't although it does when pressed a second time. And the same behaviour occurs if I use the standard close button (the X top right). So the macro actions are initiated then in some way they are not completed because (?) form2 get loaded and active, then the macro actions complete as a result of something - sorry vague I know but I can't quite articulate it other than it is an action with a close in it.

    Apart form trying to understand what is happening, which would be nice, can anyone suggest a way to do this background form1 then overlay form2 using macros?

    thank you............... liz

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    If I want form2 to appear in front of form1, and for form2 to be modal and popup I would:
    * Open form 1 (not popup and not modal)
    * Maximize form1
    * Open form2 (popup and modal)

    Now I have not used a macro for years, but in VBA code if you open a form using:

    DoCmd.OpenForm stDocName, , , , , acDialog

    then code execution stops at that point, and resumes when that form is closed. I wonder if the same thing is happening with your macros.

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