I’ve run into a problem that has me stumped.

I’m running a Sony laptop and Windows 7. Recently, an error panel began to come up on the desktop, a few minutes after boot-up. Furthermore, I’ve noticed it now takes a couple of minutes for the computer to get fully connected to the internet (however, it quickly attaches to the equipment, modem and router, that provides internet access). I can’t presently determine if these two symptoms are related, however, I wonder if they might be, as the computer, at one time became fully connected very quickly. Once fully attached, network speed is fine. I’m wondering if the slow-down is due to the system trying to get the Bluetooth issue resolved. Also, a bluetooth mouse works normally under all circumstances.

The panel displays the following:
ERROR: Unable to start bluetooth stack service

Unfortunately, I don’t have a clear idea just when this problem began, as I usually leave the computer on, and only occasionally reboot, or I would have tried using an earlier restore point. I’ve tried turning off the Bluetooth service, removing the Bluetooth drivers, and letting Window 7 rebuild them on reboot, and several other things, such as searching the registry for BTTray with REGEDIT (however I don't know if the values contained therein are correct - or what the correct values might be).

I’m not a computer expert, especially Windows 7, and am not sure what I can do and can’t do without causing serious harm.

I’m wondering if anyone here has an idea what this is and how to fix it.