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    Couldn't find this exact problem mentioned anywhere, but I'll write here, because it's still unsolved. Only a workaround applied.

    So, I was trying to set up a kiosk system playing only one PowerPoint show. Simple enough, just put a shortcut in my startup and the show would start on every boot. Of course I made the computer start automatically to the account without asking credentials.

    The strangeness came about when putting the (PowerPoint 2007) ppsx file on its place - it started in edit mode and not the show. No matter what changes I did to the file, always the same. I created another show on this system - same results, no show. On my development system all worked perfectly. Both systems run Win7 64-bit and Office2007. PoiwerPointViewer is not an option, because it seems to lack support for some of the features I used. The same applies to OpenOffice.

    I then found somewhat similar behaviour described to happen when downloading ppsx files over the net. And someone claimed to have solved the problem via registry hacking - but he/she didn't publish (or hasn't yet published) the solution. Any observations?

    My workaround? Simply created another account, on which it now runs sans problem. I'd still like to know what was wrong with the first attempt.

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    Have you checked in your Folder Options, File Types for the file associations for a PPSX?
    I'm running Office 2007 under 64 bit and here is what I see.
    There is a Show action
    and this is the application used:
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office12\POWERPNT.EXE" /s "%1"
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