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    In Word 2010, I canít select Selection Pane. Home ribbon => Editing command group => Select command, four options are displayed but the last one (Selection Pane) is always grayed out. This is the case even in a document where the only content is a few floating objects.

    Someone suggested that I try converting the document from .doc format ("compatibility mode") to .docx. This fixed one thing and broke another:

    In compatibility mode, I can open the Selection Pane. But now, dragging the Select arrow (the third option of those four) doesn't select multiple objects. It worked fine in compatibility mode. Aargh.

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    Did you create the document(s) in question using Word 2010, or did you create it using an earlier version?

    The Selection.Pane feature appears to be new to Word 2010.

    When I create a new document using Word 2010, the Selection Pane option is not grayed out and is functional - whether or not the document contains Shapes.

    However if I create an identical document in Word 2007 and then open it in Word 2010, the Selection Pane option is grayed out.

    Without knowing anything about what's going on behind the scenes, it appears that Word 2010 is tagging Word 2010 content in some way, that enables the use of the Selection Pane, whereas that tagging is absent from documents created in earlier versions - my best guess, anyway.


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