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    i have a Acer Aspire 5735-4624 and i gave it to my niece it works for a while all of the sudden they won't like the WINDOWS VISTA HOME PREMIUM SP1 (OS) they install a pirated disc (OS) home basic it works without asking product key for installation, then all of the sudden on next day when they open WINDOWS VISTA asking for product key,so we think that the (OS) is corrupted, we try to reinstall the original product key from manufacturer found in under the notebook (sticker), it come up with invalid key, and now the laptop wont work normally it won't go directly to START MENU even we try the <alt>+<f10> while booting, there's any chance to recover the old (OS)?

    someone have an idea how to fix this problem I really appreciate it if you can share it with us THAN YOU so much!

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    1 Place your restore disk that the Acer came with in the CD/DVD tray and boot from it. If you do not have a
    restore disk look into calling or visiting the company online and getting a replacement.

    2 Check and see if there is a recovery option/partition in which to restore from:

    Acer eRecovery Facts
    Acer eRecovery Facts
    1. At the Acer splash screen, you can press Alt and F10 (at the same time you would press F2
    to enter the BIOS) to bring up a DOS style version of eRecovery.
    The unit is able to reload Windows from this mode faster then from CD.
    The password by default is 000000 (6 zeros) and it is displayed when you are asked
    for the password.
    Users are able to change the password in this mode for eRecovery only.
    The system can recover from the hidden image on the hard drive (PQService
    partition) or from CD/DVD media.
    It is possible to reload from the factory style CDs/DVD or the snapshots that the
    Windows version of eRecovery creates.
    2. In Windows there is 3 ways to access the eRecovery feature.
    Press Alt and F10
    Open Acer eManager and then double click eRecovery.
    When a system is new it should automatically open this application and prompt you
    to make the recovery media.
    3. The Windows version of the eRecovery program is more robust then the Dos Version. Listed
    below are the different features of the Windows version:
    Recovery Settings: Create backup files and Change Password
    Backup snapshot image (create a disc image of your system's current configuration)
    1. The system is able to make a CD/DVD image of the current state of the
    notebooks software including customer installed programs.
    2. This CD/DVD is usable in the Windows and DOS version of the program.
    3. The disk should be bootable but isn't always.
    4. When a snapshot is made the image resides on the D: partition and then may
    be burned to disks if eRecovery is told to.
    Burn Image to disc (create backup disc)
    1. You can create 3-7 CD's or 1-2 DVD's like the ones that were sent with units
    prior to eRecovery.
    2. The burned CD's are equal in usage to the System CD and Recovery CD's.
    Delete user snapshot backup image data (if available)
    1. This is how you delete the snapshot images on the D: partition
    Password: (Change eRecovery Password)
    1. Recovery actions: Recover your system using an existing backup file or
    Restore your system's factory default configuration.
    2. Backup using one of the snapshots that has been made or by the factory
    image on the D: partition.
    4. eRecovery Facts
    When the hard drive is replaced the system loses its eRecovery features. These
    features are on the hard drive and cannot be reinstalled.
    When reinstalling from the made CD/DVD's you will lose the eRecovery program but
    the DOS version may still work, also if uninstalled you can't reinstall.
    eRecovery uses Ghost (just like our Recovery CD's use) to create the snapshot
    If the PQService partition is deleted using fdisk or any utility in Windows you may
    need to reinstall Windows.
    If the system is reloaded using the DOS version you will retain the eRecovery
    *All information is subject to change and may vary from system to system.
    There is a better than average possibility that the pirated install removed the partition or recovery environment/files. Your best bet then would be to find a replacement disk from Acer or purchace an upgrade disk.

    Restore Windows Vista from backup discs
    To restore Windows Vista from your previously burned backup discs, you will
    need to insert the first backup disc and enable the F12 Boot Menu via the BIOS
    Setup Utility.
    1 Turn on your computer and insert the first system recovery disc into the
    optical disc drive. Restart your computer.
    2 During startup when the Acer logo shows, press the F2 key to enter BIOS
    Setup, where you can set system parameters.
    3 Use the left and right arrow keys to select the Main submenu.
    4 Use the up and down arrow keys to select F12 Boot Menu
    5 Use the F5 or F6 key to change F12 Boot Menu to Enabled.
    6 Press the ESC key to enter the Exit submenu, press the ENTER key to Exit
    Saving Changes. Press the ENTER key again to select Yes. The system will
    7 After rebooting, when the Acer logo shows, press the F12 key to open the
    Boot Menu. Here you can select which device to boot from.
    8 Use the arrow keys to select the IDE CD, then press the ENTER key.
    Windows will be installed from the recovery disc.
    9 Insert the second recovery disc when prompted, then follow the onscreen
    prompts to complete the restore.
    10 Remove the recovery disc from the optical drive once the restore is
    complete. Do this before rebooting your computer.
    Invest a little time and energy in a well thought out BACKUP regimen and you will have minimal down time, and headache.

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    thank you so much for your very smart ideas i really appreciate it, but the only worst thing is i don't have the disk came from manufacturer, so we try the restore option but didn't work out using safe mode of computer so that way we can access on control panel even just Lil bit, now i was thinking not to worry about the data,files and folders i created,

    so i was moving on to try the FACTORY DEFAULT, you think that was possible to recover my recent OS (windows vista home premium)? and how to do the factory default and where could i find it

    anyway while doing that im still trying to place an order for recovery disk just incase this could happen again.

    Eric m

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