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    Un-Splitting a Database (2K)

    I have a database, created in 97 but updated to 2k. The database requires the data files to be in a specific location. I need to change that location. How do I do it?

    The database was split and I don't know how to recombine it or tell it where the needs to be moved to. The file will be used over a network.

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    Re: Un-Splitting a Database (2K)

    You don't need to un-split the database. When the tables were created in the frontend, they were linked to tables in a database in a specific location. You just need to go to the Linked Table Manager (in A2000, from menubar select: Tools | Database Utilities | Linked Table Manager). You can click the button to select all the tables, then make sure the checkbox is marked that says "Ask for new locations?". Then Ok it. A standard Windows file select box will popup. Navigate to the new location of the backend. Hint: If backend is on a server, don't use mapped drives on workstations. Find the server in network neighborhood; which uses the UNC to find server (example: //server/c/...etc.)
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