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    Just bought an IMac which is capable of running windows. Also just purchased a clean full version of Windows 7 for the home. The iMac software will be completely separate from Windows, on a different drive.

    What I want to know is can or should I partition the 2-TB drive as follows and why or why not should I do it that way?:

    One partition for OS - no other programs or data on the partition.
    One partition for all the Windows related programs and updates.
    One partition for data, music, video documents, etc.

    Is there an advantage to the above? If not, how would you recommend partitioning this big drive? Seems the above will allow for quick and easy disk imaging/ restoring of the Windows OS in case it crashes. Also the other two partitions can be incrementally backed up or imaged also. In the above scenario, if the OS crashes and I restore from an image, will I have to re-install all the apps?

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    I'm assuming that this 2Tb drive is the windows only drive.

    With a drive that size I think I'd do 3 partitions (like you suggest) but with different contents.

    • Partition 1: Windows and Programs
    • Partition 2: All data files
    • Partition 3: Backup Partition - this is for quick restores of your OS after a failed install, etc and/or data files when you catch yourself right after a mistake. Your primary backup should be on an external drive. I'd suggest image backups.

    I'm sure you'll get other suggestions. Pick the one that you feel works best for you.
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    My personal opinion and preference would be this:
    Mac os on separate drive, Windows on separate drive, Partition the 3rd 2 TB drive as you like and include one partition that could be accessable to both operating systems.

    [A shared partition is one that's file system is recognized by the different operating systems]
    [You may also require a 3rd party boot manager to manage dual booting]

    With 2 TBs of space this should be easily accommodating with separate partitions for each operating systems images and storage needs, along with a shared partition for both.
    And yes, if you make an image of your operating systems with all your programs installed and restore that image, you will have the programs installed as they were when you completed the image.
    Invest a little time and energy in a well thought out BACKUP regimen and you will have minimal down time, and headache.

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    My personal preferences would be that all PC makers install 2 hdd's 1 for the operating system/systems about 50gb's. and 1 for everything else.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Roderunner View Post
    My personal preferences would be that all PC makers install 2 hdd's 1 for the operating system/systems about 50gb's. and 1 for everything else.
    Enthusiasts are already doing that using an SSD as the O/S disk & a seperate drive for data. No doubt as the price of SSDs come down this will become more mainstream.

    Back on topic, I have to agree with RetiredGeek as that is exactly how I have my hard drive partioned

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    I couldn't pass this one up...

    One partition for the OS only (no programs, no data, no users folders).
    One partition for Users relating to the OS (preferences, settings, favorites, etc.).
    One partition for Programs.
    One (or more) partition(s) for data. The (or more) could be further division of data files by type (photos, music, movies, etc).

    Clint's idea of a shared drive (and drive imaging) is also good advice. That shared drive could be partitioned as mentioned immediately above.

    For more details on how this can be accomplished, visit my web site for this link.
    Create a fresh drive image before making system changes, in case you need to start over!

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