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    I have a user when she launches Excel 2003 Professional the indicator Ready is visible on the status bar as soon as the cell pointer is moved to a different cell the indicator disappears. This occurs with or without an open workbook.

    Without the Ready indicator the user cannot use the Filter Totals which appears to the left of the Status Bar of a workbook. I've tried removing and reinstalling the application, I've deleted the user profile from her computer, have searched the internet for a solution and have come up with nothing.

    One thing I do see, Cube Analysis add-in is installed on her PC. Donít know if this is the cause of the issue. Iíve tried removing it by going to Tools, Add-ins but there is no add-in labeled Cube Analysis or Analysis Services. How can I uninstall this add-in?

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    It's probably a COM add-in. If you customise the toolbar to display the COM add-ins button (view - toolbars-customize..., on the Commands tab, select the Tools option in the left list, then drag the COM add-ins button from the right list to a toolbar) then you can view them. If the add-in is installed for all users, it will not appear in the list, and you will need to alter the registry to disable it.

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