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    I have two drives in a NAS enclosure that are shared by both systems on my home network. Both systems are Win 7, one a desktop and the other a laptop. The NAS drives are configured to spin down after 10 min of inactivity and spin up on demand. They are used as backup and archive locations with (in theory) no routine activity.

    The problem is that 'something' on the desktop is keeping at least one drive alive. How do I find what program is doing routine reads or writes to the drives. I suspect some type of indexing operation but they are not included in Windows indexing. I have a few photo utilities that might do something as well as some other possibilities like Acronis that is used to create the backups on the drives and Sandisk sync operation that shouldn't be doing anything unless the Sensa Fuse is actually connected. The drives are also used as mass storage locations for an extensive music, video and picture collection. These types of files are moved to and from the NAS by deliberate operation. The NAS is not used as the default storage location for any program except Acronis.

    The spin down/spin up used to work and has stopped sometime recently. Unfortunately, I didn't notice exactly when so I cannot pinpoint a cause. A good possibility might be any of the 'useless' start up launches that used to be suppressed by Norton 360 and have since been released since I removed the Norton product. Unfortunately, I have no way of easily identifying which programs these are.

    Anyway, does anyone know of a way to monitor the activity going to the NAS enclosure and perhaps detecting the source program. The NAS is a d-Link DNS-323 with two drives (Hytachi 750 Gb each) and the NAS has the latest firmware update.

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    If you want to manage startup programs use a tool such as WhatInStartup - Disable/delete programs at Windows startup or Autoruns for Windows. Both are excellent and free.

    Note: Autoruns produces an enormous amount of information. For starters, you are most likely interested in the Logon tab.

    As far as disk activity goes Process Monitor. From the web page:

    "The best way to become familiar with Process Monitor's features is to read through the help file and then visit each of its menu items and options on a live system."


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