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    After the recommendations of "windows Secrets" for MSE I uninstalled my former AV-program and went to MSE both on a win7 and a Vista machine. It seems to work fine.

    But every time after boot-up I get a warning that the update has failed because there was no internet connection (yet ?).
    Than I have two options for a manual update: in the GUI of MSE, or under optional updates of Microsoft update. This last one found the update immediately after booting, why MSE doesn't ???
    I suppose that Microsoft starts always his own processes first and than third parties. So the internet-connection is simply not ready when MSE starts. (the problem was not there with Avira, because Microsoft puts that program at the end of the row ? )
    It is cleaver to start the AV-program ASAP, but why they forgot the waiting time before searching the updates, and didn't build-in a retry ?
    Also I have seen the "optical update for MSE" in microsoft update sometimes after being online for hours. So MSE is not very active in retrying.
    Both manual ways to update work fine, so there is no blockage. (use windows firewall on the win7 machine and Commodo on the Vista one)
    The manual updating everyday is a bit annoying and was not mentioned in the recommendation.

    Anybody who recognize this story ?

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    MSE was installed here on two machines. On one it ran well and still does, although it does not find what Kaspersky can find. (I don't *expect* it to catch everything Spybot S & D and MalwareBytes can detect.)

    On this machine, Compaq Presario SR1954KX, 2.2 gigahertz AMD Athlon 64, 2gig RAM, running WXP Med Ctr SP3, DSL at 6, Security Essentials will load but will not update. ZoneAlarm is the firewall.

    When the update screen appears, and the user clicks *Update* the Peter Norton bar marches no more than one inch across the screen. The screen blinks, and the update screen reappears. (Loop de loop.) Reinstallation twice had no apparent effect. I've uninstalled it, and am now running ZoneAlarm full suite, which as I understand things deploys Kaspersky as its AV program. FWIW, MSE ran and updated properly for two or three days before this glitch appeared.

    I think this is not a function of ZA, since I have ZA's firewall running on the machine where MSE runs well enough.

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