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    I've found that I've had to completely disable the sleep mode in order to execute longer runs, especially using a USB-attached disk drive (ie. a long backup run). The first time I tried to back up to this external disk after I had upgraded to Win7 64-bit I found I was having to re-sign-in and let the computer come out of sleep to continue the run about every one-half hour or so. Once I changed everything to sleep-never I had no more problems. I never had this type of problem with sleep mode and XP.

    I notice there was another posting somewhere in the lounge that mentioned that sleep mode doesn't work well with USB devices.

    Is there any way to automatically adjust sleep mode for a run of this type, and then turn it back to its normal settings after the run is complete?

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    You can create a second power scheme with a name you'll recognize. Then switch to that power scheme, run the backup, switch back to your normal power scheme. That is not automatic. If the backup software you use supports running from the command line you could create a batch run to do this. You'd need to use Powercfg command line options to switch the power scheme, then run your backup, then use Powercfg to switch back.

    Note: Don't worry that the Technet article is for Vista. The same options apply to Windows 7.


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