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    Word 97 - Run-time error '53' (Word 97 SR-2)

    We have a user that is getting an error when opening Word 97. The error is:

    Run-time error '53':
    File not found

    The user can click "end" in the window and user Word normally. The error also occurs when closing Word. The only changes made to the system was the removal of an HP scanner (don't know if the software was uninstalled also). Office 97 has been reloaded a couple times but the error still occurs.

    Thanks in advance for help.


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    Re: Word 97 - Run-time error '53' (Word 97 SR-2)

    Click on DEbug to see if you can find the code in error.
    If the code is in the Normal template, or th eattached template, the problem code would be highlighted (unless the project is protected).

    If the code is in a global template, you'll need to open that template directly to find the code.

    The error is likely being caused by a macro referring to a non-existant file.

    A good candidate is a reference to the scanner software, e.g., in a macro referenced by a toolbar or menu item.

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