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    combining 2 docs make font change (word97sr2a, win95)

    we have 2 documents.
    doc a is long (124 pages) consisting of some text and lots of tables.
    doc b is short (8 pages) consisting of tables.
    both documents look fine when viewed on their own.

    when doc b is inserted into doc a, at the desired point, the font size of SOME of the columns in the tables of doc b are transformed from arial 8pt, to arial 22pt!

    anyone any ideas about why this happens?

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    Re: combining 2 docs make font change (word97sr2a, win95)

    check the style of each cell in doc b
    especially those that are changing... they may be a heading style with direct formatting applied... in which case, doc a styles take over and the direct formatting gets wiped out.
    Hope that Helps
    have fun

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