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    I am new to Win 7 - Home Premium but have noticed many times that when I exit from a program (Outlook - Office 2010 or IE 8 primarily) by using either the red X or going to FILE/EXIT and then shut down the computer, I get a message about programs being open and I have to force a close to complete the shut down. Is that typical of Win 7? I just want to protect my Outlook files and avoid the slow process of scanning them if shut down was messed up. Thanks,

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    Just how fast are you getting to that shutdown button? Sometimes the exiting process continues after the user interface {window} closes, especially with Outlook with large pst files. So if you're hitting the Big Red X and then immediately going to the shutdown, the process may not have completely closed when shutdown goes to see if anything is open, if you wait a few seconds {preferable to forcing shutdown} the message will probably go away on it's own.
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    I agree with RG, I have to believe the apps you are closing are doing an orderly shutdown so as not to corrupt data or the app and that waiting a few seconds before shut down of the PC will eliminate this problem. Win 7 seems to be more orderly the way it allows users to do things, in other words, more secure in the way we do things by default. There are many ways to tweak these default settings, and many of us have done just this. Check out How To Geek for hundreds of ways to tweak your user interface.
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