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    I use Windows 7 and Office 2010 (home and student) and have two screens. But if I seek to see anything on a screen where there is a Word document, it remains behind the word document. I can preview the other application, by hovering my mouse over the task bar, but clicking on the task bar has no effect; nor does alt-tab enable me to change the active window away from Word. I can minimise the word document(s) and then see others. The only reference I can find to a similar problem in Google is to one also involving Outlook several years ago, but I do not use Outlook. There is no problem with Excel.

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    I have to believe something did not install corectly with your Office 2010 installation. I do not have this problem. I use Win 7 Ultimate and Office 2010 Pro plus. In fact right now I have a Word document open, under my web browser. It may help to uninstall, then reinstall Office 2010.

    It may be more appropriate to have this thread in General Productivity as more people with Office knowledge may read it. perhaps a moderator could move it.
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