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    My mother board will only run 1.1 USB as it does not have the proper controller
    to run USB 2. If I add a USB 2 PCI card will it run as a 2? I've noticed on Ebay
    that most of the cards do not have any drivers for the cards, will XP 3 recognize
    the card and install the controller or does it take drivers? I've tried the methods
    listed on Microsoft site but they won't work for me. Cards aren't that expensive
    but I want to hook up a wireless adapter and would like a little extra speed.



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    Jerry, bonjour.

    Do not hesitate, get a PCI 2.0 USB card and you shall know joy. All my XP machines have one added and they all run at 2.0 mode.

    I am on a new machine here running Win-7 and it has 3 "on-board" USB ports but I will soon add a PCI card to it, can not be without too many USB ports. What I do too is to get some male-female cables and run them to the top of the tower from the back ports on the PCI card, it also saves wear and tear on those ports, the USB connectors are flimsy, one can always replace a cord.

    Have fun. Jean.

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