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    Updating Autoarchive Location (2000)

    Hello --- I imagine I'm outta luck, but I thought I'd ask anyway...

    After many upgrades (including my operating system) ... I have multiple folders in Outlook (2000) that mistakenly autoarchive to a folder location that doesn't make sense on my system anymore:

    C:My Documentsarchive.pst

    that I need to change to the more "current" location of:

    C:WINNTProfilesMYUSERIDLocal SettingsApplication DataMicrosoftOutlookarchive.pst

    Does anybody know of a utility/trick to update all of the folders to Autoarchive to the correct location (note I have LOTS of folders).


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    Re: Updating Autoarchive Location (2000)

    I'm eager to hear of an "automatic" way of combining archives, too, but in the meantime, you can open any of the archives (File/Open/Personal Files and browse to where any of your archives are). You'll get a top-level folder called "Archives" and all your other folders underneath it (in addition to your currently active folders, too).

    At this point, you could (if you wanted) "move" or copy all the archived folders (all at once) into your active folders and THEN archive the whole set to a new or existing archive folder. The tedious factor in all this isn't the number of folders but rather the number of archives you'd be consolidating.

    I haven't done this yet as I'm looking for the "automatic" consolidation option (anyone?)....


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