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    My son's computer is a Dell Vostro, about 4 years old, running XP SP3. 4 gigs RAM and a decent Intel procesor (2.3 GHz or thereabouts).

    The standard function keys no longer work. Has tried two different keyboards, a Microsoft Multimedia and the Dell standard. Same problem on both although the MS one has the additional problem of the Num Lock Key not working.

    F-Lock doesn't matter - the Office funtion keys work; the standard ones do nothing.

    Any hints?
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    Right click on My Computer icon on your desk top.This will open the Device Manager page.Then click on the + sign next to your keyboard in the listing.Next right click on the standard keyboard then highlight & click on Uninstall the same.Then close everything.Then reboot your system.This will make your operating system reinstall the keyboard drivers.
    If the suggestion above doesn't work.You can down load some new drivers here;Dell
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