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Thread: PC very Slow

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    Hi all,

    My collegaue is having a problem with his computer, it hangs and it shows that the CPU usage is at 100%. I have scanned the system fro viruses and spyware bout nothing found, I have also disbaled icons and processes from windows startup still no luck. I have googled it but so many things coming up, tried a few things but still the problem persist. Any help much appreciated.


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    Check the event viewer for errors relating to system freezes or specific app hangs.
    Use Task Manager or Process Explorer to track down apps or processes that are causing high CPU utilization.
    Go into Device Manager and check for problematic drivers that have a red "x" or yellow exlamation points on them.
    Disable any wifi, networking, or internet connection while troubleshooting.

    EDIT: Additions
    While troubleshooting this issue: Temporarily stop indexing on all drives and
    turn off system restore if you have already attempted to use system restore to solve this issue.
    Invest a little time and energy in a well thought out BACKUP regimen and you will have minimal down time, and headache.

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    I had similar issues with an older Dell laptop that has XP Pro SP3, 1gb RAM, 30GB hard drive. It was extremely slow especially after just sitting idle for awhile with just Chrome browser open. I regularly do the usual maintenance items, virus scans, etc.

    Some of what I did this past Tuesday .....
    Create Restore Point
    deleted pagefile.sys from root of C:
    set Page File to "No paging file"
    Did two defrags even tho XP said defrag was not needed. The changes could be easily seen as each defrag progressed and the log file confirmed what was done.
    Reset the Page File to Custom size of Initial 200mb and Maximum of 1500mb.

    System now runs better than it has in years.

    Today, I decided to delete the hibernate file from the C: root drive and disable Hibernation.
    We'll see how it runs over next few days.

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