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    I am using Windows 7 [64 bit]. I was using FF 3.6.10 with no problems; then I got an automatic message to update to 3.6.11 [presumably]. I agreed to do that; the update downloaded; but the install reports an error that the UpDate will not install, so make sure no other versions are running and retry. Well I did check that and no other versions are running. The computer is not networked. I finally uninstalled 3.6.10 and downloaded a fresh copy of 3.6.11 and installed it without a hitch. But I still get an invitation to UpDate and Install; and, I still get the same error message. When I check <About Foxfire> it is reported that I am using FoxFire 3.6.11 GTB7.1. What is going on? Suggestions, Advice, Help?

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    I do not know the answer to your question, however FF 3.6.12 is now available as a security update, I recommend trying it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by William Honeywell View Post
    When I check <About Foxfire> it is reported that I am using FoxFire 3.6.11 GTB7.1. What is going on?
    Make sure it's Firefox and not Foxfire. And go to the source at for your download. If your new user agent string still shows GTB7.1, that could be from one of your add-ons.

    With respect to reports that Firefox is running even when you can't see it...

    I've noticed a glitch where Firefox windows do not appear on the Task Bar, but if you hold Alt and press Tab, you can see that there are in indeed windows open (and with further use of Tab you can switch to them).

    There also are times when Firefox does not fully unload. In the help article, this is called a "Hang at Exit." See Firefox hangs: Hang at exit @ MozillaZine Knowledge Base.

    Finally, there was a trojan that kept Firefox running at all times, I think it was called Vundo. However, I'm sure all good AV software detects and cleans that by now, so that probably isn't the culprit.

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    The "invitation to UpDate and Install" is probably to get the current version 3.6.12
    The GTB7.1 probably means you are using Google Toolbar.

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