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    Our employer just refreshed all of our computers and with this refresh installed a fresh version of office 2007. Previous access databases are now extremely painful to get into with all of the security enabling dialog boxes that pop up. Also only one user can access the database at a time when opening from a shortcut or explorer. Databases were created back with office 97 and thru the years modified up thru office 2003. Employer always did upgrades in past. It appears that many DLL files are not installed on a fresh 2007 install that allows previos versions to work when specific references are made in VB. Database is a frontend/back end environment over a network. both fe and be reside on network drives.

    can anyone lend some advise on where to go to 1. get dll to work for previous versions and 2. to allow multiple users in to database at same time?

    Thank You

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    Unfortunately, the upgrade doesn't solve that issue with 2007. The security model in Access 2007 requires that you set trusted locations, and you will need to set those for any paths where databases are stored. You may also want to set Macro security to Medium or Low on each PC. I believe there are tools you can use to do that sort of thing globaly at the time Office 2007 is installed, but I doubt your employer wants to go back and reinstall office on all the PCs at this point. As to the open exclusively, that's another option that is set on each PC under the Advanced tab on Access Options. And the references to DLLs should automatically adjust to the later version, unless you were using uncommon DLLs in your databases. An example of the kind of DLL you are referencing in VBA may help us understand that issue better. However, if you do development in 2007 and then try to deploy to people using older versions of Office, that will require that references be adjusted manually.

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