I was wondering if anyone has reported problems with the latest round of windows updates and the AVG firewall.

The techs at AVG haven't been much help. I have the paid version of AVG Anti-virus plus firewall (9.0.864)

Each time I have downloaded and installed Windows 7 updates since about Oct.14 when the install finishes and the computer reboots I find that my firewall has shutdown and access to the internet has been closed (sometimes it takes until the second reboot after the updates). So far the only fix I have found is to do a system restore removing the windows updates, which solves the problem indefinitely until I once again install windows updates and AVG shuts down again.

I haven't seen any mention of this anywhere recently (Google), although did find stuff back in 2009 that was similar. I've sent AVG log files to no avail.

Any suggestions? I'd like to keep both my AVG and Windows current. Below is a screen shot of what updates may be causing this problem.