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    I have openSUSE 11.3 (64-bit) installed. KDE version.
    My sound card is a Creative Labs Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio, PCIe interface.

    I am able to listen to CD music without any problems but I am unable to get streaming audio when I visit any Internet radio site, YouTube, Yahoo!TV, etc. etc.

    For instance, when I visit YouTube, the video part is ok but I cannot hear anything through the speakers.

    Something similar happens when for instance I go to and select any of the music channels. A new window pops up but the music never even starts to stream.

    I know for a fact that both sound card and speakers work fine because I've tested them with Windows XP. So there must be some setting in openSUSE that I've missed. The weird part is that I can listen to music CDs without any problems...

    PS: I have made sure that the volume is not muted and the slide bars are set at 100% !! :-)

    PPS: I am just starting off with Linux, so please try to be as clear as possible with your answers.


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    I have the same audio card and getting Linux to play audio out of it has been a hit and miss experience (I currently get no sound whatsoever out of Ubuntu 10.04, even though it appears to recognize the card and supposedly installed the necessary driver). Most of the Linux forum posts I have found were filled with vitriol against Creative for ignoring Linux and not supplying any drivers and leaving it to the community.

    One thing you can try is look at the config options for the apps that are not giving you any sound and see if they have any sound configuration options. For example, Amarok has such options. Sometimes I find that the options (such as which sound driver to use) selected by one app don't match that of another.

    Let me know if you need more specific advice and I will fire up my laptop and gab some screen shots (I'm on my desktop booted into Win7 at the moment).

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