I'm on a Dell Dimension 9150, WinXP Pro, with:
- Pentium D 3.40GHz (Dual Core)
- 4 GB RAM installed with 3584 mb working (DDR2 SDRAM)
- Main internal Drive (total of 500 GB) is partitioned into C (100 GB) and D (361 GB). C holds Windows; D holds my data (eg, My Documents, Email [OE], Firefox profile and other saved files and data).
- I have a 2nd internal HD, set as drive E, with a TB of space which I use purely for backups.
- I'm not networked to any other computer.

I've been trialling Genie-Soft TimeLine (GTL) Pro v2.1 and have it set to:
- Smart Selections: Disaster Recovery, Email, Desktop, iPhone/iPad/iPod
- My Computer: Everything on my D drive except for my OE store (as it's stored on a folder I moved it to) and except for the Firefox cache folder as it meant GTL was pretty much constantly backing them up.

I've limited the GTL backup size to 300 GB. It's set to run on Smart Mode.

From what I can see, GTL uses several processes:
- GenieTimelineService.exe
- GSTimeLineAgent.exe
- 2 x GSTimeLineSearch.exe
- php-cgi.exe

From what I've read, GTL is supposed to be quite low on resources but I'm finding it can use as much as 225,000 kb with the combined processes, the main "culprit" being GenieTimelineService.exe which starts off at around 40,000 kb then rapidly grows to using 110,000 kb and can grow to 200,000 kb or more by the end of the day. I've tried asking Genie-Soft support about it (have had a very lengthy ticket with them about it all), but haven't really got very far other than being asked to send them logs which showed nothing untoward and then to uninstall and re-install it which hasn't made the slightest difference. They also claim GTL typically uses between 10,000 and 70,000 kb which is definitely not my experience. The GenieTimelineService.exe memory usage drops a bit to around the 80,000 to 100,000 kb mark if I use the "specific backup interval" rather than the "IntelliCDP", which to me defeats the purpose of the program as the "IntelliCDP" continuous backup is supposed to be one of its main features.

Another issue I've had is that a mysterious folder called "Access Privileges Test" keeps being created in the extensions folder of my Firefox profile, each one is appended with a number (eg: Access Privileges Test-225) as I now have almost 300 of them! The first one appeared within an hour of installing GTL when I fired up FF. This also caused a problem with my extensions in that the "uninstall" button would intermittently all be greyed-out unless I kept disabling or re-enabling extensions until the "uninstall" button reappeared. These folders stopped being installed when I uninstalled GTL and then reappeared the minute I re-installed it and again fired up FF. Genie-Soft claim it's nothing to do with them, but in my opinion it most definitely is as it's far too co-incidental that it started and stopped with installation and uninstallation of GTL.

I have an inherent horror of programs that use up a ton of memory, and only just put up with Firefox's memory issues as it is. I have OE and FF permanently open and none of my other regular daily background processes or start-up programs use up more than 27,000 kb with the average around 5,000 to 8,000 kb. I wouldn't mind if GTL used a total (with all its processes) of around 70,000 kb but am I wrong in thinking that up to 200,000 kb is a bit much? Especially if I might have OE, FF and other programs such as Photoshop and Word all open at the same time?