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    I am using Windows XP Pro SP3 (32-bit). Not much of an expert with computers...

    I am not satisfied with the sound quality of the audio card currently installed on my motherboard (Creative Labs Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio, PCIe interface), so I would like to remove it and in its place install an ASUS Xonar DX card (also PCIe interface).

    Is there a right way of removing one card and installing the other? I vaguely remember an article I came across years ago (don't remember the name of the author or on which site etc.) about how to swap video cards. The article listed a sequence of recommended steps needed in order to ensure a successful swap. I would imagine that swapping sound cards requires a similar sequence of steps.

    For instance, is it better to first remove the audio drivers and then physically remove the card, or should I first physically remove the card and then the audio drivers, etc. etc.

    And how does one remove the old sound drivers anyhow??

    PS: My motherboard does not have an on-board audio chip, so I do not foresee problems in that respect.


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    There should be something in Add and Remove programs that you can uninstall, especially since the audio is from an addon card (even if it was OEM). Just uninstall the Audio package(s) there first, shut down, swap cards, boot and install the drivers for the new card (unless instructions indicate a specific sequence that differs).

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    Hi Teebeebee,

    I would just use Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel to uninstall the current sound card drivers, shut the computer down, unplug it and follow the instructions in this link to swap out the old card for the new one.

    The article is a pretty good guide if you are unfamiliar with opening and working inside your PC.

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    Another (similar) way to proceed...

    Uninstall all the Creative labs software and driver as above, go into device manager and uninstall the Creative audio device under "Sound, video and game controlers". (or whatever it's found under)
    Shut down the computer & power off, then proceed to remove and replace the sound card as above mentioned.
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