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    Hi, I have a Virgin Mobile 2200 MiFi that I've upgraded to from a dialup connection. It's a big improvement over the dialup, but not working good enough for watching YouTube videos or streaming Netflix. Our house is underground, built of concrete with steel rebar, with three feet of earth overhead, although we are up on top of a 300' hill with a west facing exposure with an interstate highway three miles away. There are towers within five miles each direction (north and south) but not in line of site. I am probably lucky to get internet at all in the house with the MiFi but still... I'd like to improve it and make it the best I can. What do I need to do? When I use my cell phone inside the house I get two bars. When I take the cell phone outdoors onto the top of the house I get four bars. Does anyone have any suggestions? Would an antenna, amplifier/repeater setup work for me? Any suggestions?

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    I travel a lot in our motorhome and wi-fi at campgrounds is often very spotty, good at some sites very poor at others. I purchased a JefaTech 5Mw usb Wi-fi unit with an external antenna I put up on a painter's pole outside the motorhome. It increases reception very effectively. Of course now my wife wants each to have our own laptops so I had to purchase a JefaTech modified Linksys router with their software to act as a repeater, also works great. You can take a look at their website with the link above. You may want to give them a call to see if they have a solution for your problem. I've been very impressed with their products and service. YMMV
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