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    Help! We need some guidance from all you database guru's out there! Here's the scenerio, and it's likely one you've heard before. I'm an IT Systems Tech and for years have been warning one particular department that they needed to convert a Visual dBase 4 database into something more current. Only one person knows the program and has little documentation. He tweeked as he went. His database is great and he's been able to do all the reporting needed to meet the State of California requirements for the department. Now the other shoe has fallen, that individual is out on extended medical and unable to nurse the program along. So... A couple of weeks ago something happened and the database isn't working. The department is not able to complete the mandatory State reports. A terrible nightmare for them, but one that we knew would happen; it was only a matter of time. Now we've been asked to help. We have a meeting with the departmental players next week.

    My questions of you all... Are there any conversion tools commercially available to convert to Access? Is Access even the best way to go? The department does have Office 2007 Professional. I'd like to try to find a commerical database, but likely nothing is quite like what they have and funding is limited.

    We are open to your ideas and suggestions. Thanks in advance for putting on your thinking cap for us!
    Thanks much, Judy Crawford

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    Access 2007 should be able to connect directly to the dBase tables directly as long as the tables are stored in .dbf files. But I would import the data rather than linking to them. I'm not familiar with the reporting requirements of the State of California, but the Access tools for creating reports from tables are about as good as they get. Some people prefer a reporting tool such as Crystal Reports, but I find I can do just about anything in Access. Your biggest challenge will be to figure out the database schema and build something to do what is required. Hope this helps... that's a sticky wicket.

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