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    I am only an experienced newbie on computers since they are NOT my generation. I normally use Win XP.

    Friend of mine could not start his computer.
    I brought over a Linux CD that another friend of mine had given me. Sorry I don't know what VERSION of Linux.
    I booted from the CD and the "kernel" loads onscreen and I am asked to choose from a list of options.
    I chose LIVE CD.
    THEN I am asked for a logon and password.
    I type in "admin" in this case. It appears on screen.
    I then try to type in a PASSWORD and NOTHING appears where the password should appear.
    It is almost as if the friend who gave me the CD had assigned his OWN password which is not allowing me to access it and stored it on CD. Possible ???
    HENCE I CAN'T use this CD for anything.
    Am I doing something wrong ???

    As I said, Linux is foreign to me what with kernels and grub, etc.
    I looked into a list of files on the CD expecting to find a README file with info since it came from another friend of mine = ZIPPO.

    I hope in the future to learn enough about Linux to do some troubleshooting and saving of data from non-working computers.
    People look to me and I am the blind leading the blind, esp. with Linux.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    You appear to be getting sidetracked by problems with a Linux CD. What is the actual problem with your friend's computer? What does it do when you try to power it up? What operating system is it?

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    Hi Arthur,

    Each Linux distro or flavor has its own way to handle the use of the LiveCD. For example, Ubuntu 10.10 just boots to a screen asking you to select either the LiveCD or Install, and when you select LiveCD, it does not ask for any user name or password.

    Is there no default user name and password visible in some form of notation on the screen when the prompt comes up for input? There is no way for a user to enter his/her own user name and password and have it permanently retained on a LiveCD.

    Try pressing the Enter key while leaving both fields blank. If that does not work, check with your friend to determine the name and version of the Linux distro on the LiveCD so you can go to their web site to obtain instructions on booting the LiveCD (or their default user name and password to use the LiveCD). Or perhaps your friend knows what they are.

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    Another possibility is that your friend has given you a remastered version ie one that he created using remastersys. If that is the case the LiveCD will has the username and password he used at the time of creation.


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