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    I am trying to work with a PowerPoint template supplied to me by the University where I teach. It had a lot of problems and I was able to fix most of them but a few remain that I hope the experts here can help me with. A copy of the template is attached. I had to zip it because the message board would not allow me to upload a *.POT file.

    First, when I start a new presentation based on this template and select View Master, there is only one slide shown in the slide area on the left rather than the two connected slides (title and body slides) that one normally sees in the Master. I have been unable to cause it to display the title slide.

    Second, and perhaps related to the first, the main title area is formatted with white text with a white background so it is invisible. I tried creating a title slide (not master) in the template and reformatting it but that does not affect presentations built off this template.

    Third, slide numbers are not shown on slides based on the template. I did add them to the template.

    Fourth, if I click on the list of slides on the left side of the screen, a Chinese font name appears in the list of fonts. I cannot figure out where this font is used or how to get rid of it.

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    Ronny Richardson

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