Issue 264 2010-11-04
Windows can't 'see' an external USB drive

A couple of other things to check:

After each step, see if the drive is known to Windows Explorer or Device Manager. Also look at the Device Manager USB tab to see if there is a failed USB port connection.

- power shutdown the computer, any USB hubs, the external USB drive, and any other USB connected devices. Wait half a minute, then restore the external components power, wait a moment, and power up the computer.
- If you have other USB devices connected, power down the computer and USB drive, remove the other USB devices, power up the USB drive and then the computer.
- if the drive is plugged into a USB HUB (not recommended), try a direct connection.
- Try plugging the cable into another USB port. If you are normally plugged into the front, try the rear.
- Shutdown the computer, take off the computer case cover and try plugging directly into the motherboard if there is a USB connection, and restart the computer [either the cable between the motherboard or one or more of the external USB sockets may have malfunctioned.]