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    Reenable Command Button (Access 97)

    I have a command button on a survey form that quits (I simply called it Q)that is NOT enabled, because I don't want the user to exit until certain rules are met. When the form closes it asks if the user wants to go back to the survey form which has not closed yet but has saved the record. All of the closes are tied to before updates because of rule validating. At this point all the rules have been met so I don't care when the user quits the survey. However when the second form closes and the survey form is open the close buttons will not work on the survey form. What I want to do is set the properties of the Q button on the survey form to enabled when the secondary form closes. How do I do that?

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    Re: Reenable Command Button (Access 97)

    Is this a bound form? If so, you can put code in your OnCurrent event to detect if this is a NewRecord or not.

    Commandbutton.enabled= not Me.NewRecord
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