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    I have an older HP laptop running winXP which I use occasionally and the battery keeps discharging. The charging ‘brick’ is putting out the rated 18.8v (don’t know about amps). But if I check the laptop power meter, the battery appears to discharge at the same rate whether it’s plugged into AC or not. The battery must trickle charge though, because it will boot up next time, even if it was completely discharged. (Haven’t run any tests yet on how long to recharge) If I pull the battery, the computer immediately turns off.

    Here are some examples:
    1) at 10:10 there was a 51% charge and at 10:22 there was a 43% charge. Laptop was plugged into AC and the only program running was the power indicator.
    2) turned computer off at 10:25 and turned in back on at 2:15 and there was a 37% charge. Turned computer off and wiggled AC/laptop connection
    3) turned computer on at 4:15 and there was a 93% charge and at 4:40 there was an 80% charge. laptop plugged into AC and only program running was power indicator.

    Any suggestions on further troubleshooting problem would be appreciated.



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    When you say that if you pull the battery, the laptop immediately turns off, is this with the power adapter plugged in and switched on?

    The symptoms suggest that the power adapter is thinking that the battery is fully charged even when it is discharged: so it 'trickle charges' continuously, which is insufficient to operate the laptop but will very slowly recharge the battery.

    It may be a fault with the battery that is giving a false indicator to the power adapter, but the adapter seems the most likely culprit. Search Google and eBay for Laptops Power Adapters and you can get third party (non-HP) adapters at a reasonable cost.

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    John, good day to you.

    If I pull the battery, the computer immediately turns off.

    Ah ! Seems to me like the power is not going from the brick to the machine. You know, I have had to fix quite a few of these connectors. They are pad soldered to the board and they take very harsh service and the pads are broken off. If you waggle the connector, see if the "power" LED comes on, do the wiggling gently.

    What I do after taking the laptop apart, is to resolder the pads, very small pads and thus weak. I then run a parallel wire from the input directly to the motherboard, if it breaks loose again, at least the connection is whole. so far, in this family, I have had to do two of these, they are still running after 2 years. HTH.


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