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    Hello again, Colleagues All,

    Once again I must expose the limits of my Office/Acrobat knowledge in front of all you experts.

    I receive reports from various civic authorities in a PDF format. I would like to extract tabular data from the files, retaining the tabular structure, for analytical purposes. I can extract the data quite easily, but each row is considered to be a single object which goes into the first cell on the left. Can anybody advise me of any Acrobat Reader tricks or any software (preferably free!) which wil meet my requirements ?

    The financial oversight committee, of which I am a member) believes that I am the world's geatest computer whiz and one of my foibles is that I hate to disappoint people!

    Hoping for a useful reply or two.


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    Hi Jim,

    Have you tried converting the .pdf-files to .xls? I've had good experiences with Zamzar ( Of course your mileage may vary, but it's free (unless you sign up, which is not required).

    Depending on the size of the source files, conversion may take some time. You'll receive a download link in your mailbox once the conversion has finished.


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