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    I am creating a Help file for my application using Winhelp. I want to know the procedure to change the background color of the window as well as customize the size of the window. I have created the window using the Window button on the Help workshop screen, and defined the background colour as well as size for it, however, there seems to be no link between the created window and the help topics. I think I am missing a trick to link the created window with the generated Help file. Please suggest what can I do accomplish this task to make my application's Help more presentable. Waiting for your response.

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    I don't know whether you get many bites on this topic. WinHelp is pretty long in the tooth now and this forum has never had much talk on it. If you don't get any response here, you might like to have a look through this page to see if you can find a resource that can help.

    In the past I have used HTML Help Workshop which allows you to decompile existing chm help files to see how someone has done something. Can you decompile another hlp file that shows background colours?
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