My boss has asked me to create a Word 2007 form. On the Developer tab, I click on Design Mode and then have an option of using the blue-colored Aa (rich text content control) or the black Aa (plain text content control). If I use the black Aa, I can tab from form field to form field perfectly. However, one of my fields needs to auto number itself so that each time the user presses the Enter key, the next number comes up. That's when I have to go to the blue Aa so I can format the text with numbers. When all of the data has been entered into the rich text form field, I want the user to press the Tab key to get to the next field. Instead, I get a Tab in the rich text field.

Regardless of whether I protect the document or not, the Tab key won't work to exit from a rich text content control field. Does anyone know of a way to Tab out of a rich text content control field?