Have used various Outlook versions and typically Archive Email/Calendar/Memos/Tasks every few months.

Outlook 2010 Archive attempts have failed. For awhile I was running Office 2010 Beta and during that time there was also a problem with Archiving. I did see several messages (from various sources) indicating this was a 'known problem'. Now that I'm running the full/released version of Office 2010 Pro, I am still seeing problems with Archive.

My most recent attempt DID back up some Email, but only backed about about 2 days worth of Calendar data. I'm reasonably familiar with the process & parameters and don't think I messed it up. Have about 10 months of Calendar items, and was backing up from Jan 1 to June 30th 2010.

Google searches haven't yielded any answers and I don't see any mention of problems on the MS site.

TIA for any hints or help.

Al Benzing