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    I am having a problem lately with Word 2003.

    Every time I open Word, the Normal template has changed, and all the Options I have selected are lost. (I have for example: show paragraph marks, tabs, Use the INS key for paste, the measurement units, always create a backup copy, Save auto recovery info every 4 min, prompt for doc properties, in Writing style use grammar & style, etc.) And every time I open Word all my personal changes have been lost.

    I have even made the Normal Template Read only, so it cannot be changed, but to no avail.

    I have noticed that is very big: 497,152 bytes. None of my other templates is that big. Even if I open one of my personal templates, all my personalization is gone.

    When I open Word it asks me that it has saved changes to the Normal Template, and if I want to load it? If I click yes, my changes do not appear, and if I click No, the same thing happens.

    This is happening in three of my computers. In one, I have Windows Vista Business, in other Windows XP Professional, and in the other Windows XP Media Center, all with the latest actualizations and patches. Also, Office 2003 is actualized. And it happens both in my User Account (I am the Administrator), and in the Guest Account.

    The only thing that I think that has changed since this began to happen is that I installed Windows Office Live Add-In. Even that I have disabled this toolbar, it is still happening. And since I use word in a daily basis, it is very cumbersome to change it to my preferences every time I open it.

    Is there a solution to this? And is it related to the Windows Office Live Add-In? And why is happening in my three computers, with three different OS?

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    Hi Isay,

    Your template may be corrupt. If it is, you'll need to recreate it. You can do this by renaming it to Normal.doc (with Word closed). Word will create a new when you next start it. You should then be able to open Normal.doc and transfer macros etc to the new Doubtless there'll be some customisations you'll have to re-create from scratch.

    Paul Edstein
    [MS MVP - Word]

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