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    I have Outlook 2010 (32-bit) with BCM (Business Contact Manager) running on Vista Home Premium SP1 (32-bit). When I send a test HTML email to myself using the Mass E-mail feature of the BCM Marketing workspace, I receive it as plain text.

    My Outlook client is not configured to convert emails to plain text (I receive numerous other HTML emails) and both my Outlook compose setting and the BCM Mass E-mail compose setting are set to compose in HTML. In fact, I actually see the HTML email in the compose window before I sends the test mass e-mail.

    When I use the BCM New Items > Email Message menu option, which sends individual emails rather than mass e-mails, the email arrives coded in HTML, looking just as it was designed.

    I am also able to send the same HTML email using plain Outlook and it also arrives coded in HTML just as designed. Obviously, I'm trying to send numerous emails (to a mailing list) so sending individual emails is not a viable option.

    In all 3 tests above, I am using the same From: and To: addresses each time and I am also inserting the same HTML email into the body (using the Attach File > Insert as text option). The only variable is the use (or not) of the Mass E-mail feature of BCM.

    Anyone have any idea what is causing HTML emails sent using the Outlook BCM Mass E-mail feature to be received in plain text? Thanks in advance for any help you may provide.

    Ed V

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    Hi Ed. I am having the exact same problem. The very same one. Several people on several threads are having this problem. I may have even seen you on another site listed as IT_ED.

    It would be awfully poweful to be able to bulk email right from Outlook 2919 with BCM by using its "Mass Email" feature. However, if it converts good HTML into text so that is all the recipients get, then it is basically useless.

    Let me know if you find a fix. I will try to do the same. Contact my email at


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