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    One of our Outlook 2003 user's has nine or ten additional mailboxes in her file folder list. This is very common for our assistants.

    We do that by going into Tools\Email Accounts and then Change the Exchange settings by going in the advanced options and adding additional mailboxes.

    When she goes to her Calendar area and clicks on the other user's calendars to view them not all of them are viewable. She'll get a few to come up but then she'll get some that won't. She'll get a pretty generic inaccessible error. It's not always the same calendars that won't come up. If she closes and reopened Outlook those calendars will be viewable but then some others won't be.

    This is something that's only been happening since I moved her mailbox to our new Exchange 2010 server. There were no errors during the move.

    I've tried removing the additional mailboxes and then adding the mailboxes back. It has no more effect than closing and reopening Outlook. I've also tried creating a new Mail profile in Control Panel but that didn't make any difference.

    Is there perhaps a limit to how many mailboxes can be added in the way I've described using Outlook 2003 and Exchange 2010? My Outlook is 2007 and I have everyone's mailbox added with no problems.

    Has anyone else run into this?

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    Outlook 2007 integrates better with the new features of Exchange 2007/10 than Outlook 2003, particularly calendar functions. I suspect it is time to update everyone.

    cheers, Paul

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