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    A co-worker of mine asked me if Word 2010 offered an option to insert comments other than in the comment bubbles that currently appear either inline or to the side of text in a Word document. He was hoping for something more akin to that in PowerPoint, where, based on his description, the author can place his or her comments in a series of pages that appear beside the document, akin to a clipboard. Basically, he wants to avoid having his comments interrupt the text within the Word document, or clutter up the Word document. So, knowing all the options for comments that Word provides would be helpful.

    Hopefully, I'm phrased my question in such a way that makes sense.

    Thanks in advance for folks' feedback.

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    The options you have available should be accessible from the Review tab in the Tracking group.
    Firstly try the options for the Reviewing Pane (its a drop down as well as a toggle button) and select the Vertical option
    Next go to the Show Markup drop down control and choose Balloons > Show all revisions Inline

    Play around with all the settings here to get what you want to see.
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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