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    Is there a concurrent user limit in an Access application in whcih the tables are access via linked table manager that connects toi a SQL Server (2005) database?

    IN our company one branch has an Access developed app where the DB is on one of my SQL Server (255) instances and till today we've had no complaints form them. Starting today it appears as if only 10 users can get in and we say that because once an 11th user tries to get in the user that logged in last is bumped out.

    There's no user limit on SQL Server for this database and so whatever limits there are they are on the Acess end. It was my understanding that acess could at least in tehory connect to 255 users so I'm at a lost on this one.

    I am familiar with Access in general but I was not involved with the development of teh Access application so I know very little abou it.


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    The limit of users connecting to an Access .mdb database is 255, so the users shouldn't be kicked out when an 11th user connects. To really help, we need to know more about the application. What version of Access is being used? Also what format is the front-end app - .mdb or .accdb? Finally, is this a shared front-end? (The recommendation - which I heartily support - is to deploy the Access front-end to the local workstation, or in a terminal services environment, give each user their own copy on the Terminal Services server.)

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    You said this just started happening today. Did they not have more than 10 users before? I don't see this as an Access problem, unless (as Wendell asked) if a single Access frontend is being shared by all the users. Even then I'm not sure you'd get this kind of response.
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