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    Operating System: Windows Vista Home Premium (x64) Service Pack 1 (build 6001)
    Install Language: English (United States)

    I had to do a Recovery a few days ago, with the help of Staples. When I uinstalled the office 2007 Student Word, I have not been able to open my Microsoft Word documents. Installed is Mictrosoft Office 97 Professional Edition which I have used for eleven years now and it has worked on every operating system I have had, even this 64 bit vista until the Recovery was done.

    Would anyone know how I may fix this? I have hundreds of Word 97 documents that I need to get to - letters to Senators, Congresswoman regarding my brother’s Alzheimer’s condition, and other very important documents. I realize that Open Office is out there but would like to keep my Word 97, if possible. I can open a new document and save it but then it will not open and I get the following message:

    Setup cannot access the required initialization file‘C:\ProgramFiles(x86)Microsoft\Office\Office\S etup\AcmsSetupDocexe’

    I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it five times, but did no good.

    Anna Ruth
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    Hi Anna,

    Doing a System recovery can screw up all sorts of application settings. I suggest going to: (How to Completely Remove Microsoft Office 97)
    and: (How to manually uninstall the 2007 Office system)
    and following the procedures outlined for both, before running an app like CCleaner ( to remove any vestiges of these suites from the Windows Registry, etc.

    You should then be able to reinstall Office 97 and get it working again.

    Paul Edstein
    [MS MVP - Word]

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