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    Printer Connection Problem

    How difficult can it be to get a printer to work again with XP? I just can't understand why I'm having a problem...maybe my older age has created some mental block that I'm unable to sort this out...HELP.

    I have an HP 761n desktop computer running XP sp3, and an HP Laserjet 6p printer. Both of these have been successfully connected for years. The only thing that has changed is that I had a new hard drive installed in the desktop unit a few months ago as a precaution of aging. When I discovered that the printer would not work, I inquired as to the proper course of action. I was told to go to a trusted source for a new driver for the printer. I went to the HP site and downloaded the proper driver.

    My computer appears to recognize my printer, but it puts my documents into a waiting line rather than printing them. I've tried looking for numerous 'settings' that I might need to reset, and I've even tried changing around the USB cable I have connecting the two. But I still can not get the printer to work?? Its got power, its got an indicator light that says the USB connection is OK.

    I just figure it is some 'setting' I am overlooking, or some compatibility with service pack #3 and my older Laserjet printer??

    Please HELP

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    Good morn, Brian.

    (Q)I just figure it is some 'setting' I am overlooking, or some compatibility with service pack #3 and my older Laserjet printer??(uQ)

    My first suggestion would be to stop all printing jobs, the queue. It might take a while as there is a "block" somewhere, you might have to shut down the machine too. When you attain this aim, go to Printers and delete the HP printer from the machine, to re-install it again. It might have gotten a bad driver install.

    Your old HP is fine, I use an older one here, an HP Laserjet 6L, run true.

    Let us know. Jean.

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    Here are a couple of thoughts. The screen shots are from my HP C6180. Your screens may vary.

    Have you checked the printer queue? Is it empty?

    [attachment=90696:HP printer queue.jpg]

    If queue is not empty, try Cancel All Documents .....

    [attachment=90692:HP Cancel All Documents.jpg]

    Try printing a Test Page .....
    [attachment=90693:HP Print Test Page.jpg]

    How many printers show up when you do Start>Printers and Faxes?

    [attachment=90694:Win XP Printers and Faxes.jpg]

    Have you set the HP as the default printer?
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